Wednesday, December 31, 2014

When the coffee was not brewing...

Well, another year is drawing to a close and I admit I spent far less time in this house than I would have wanted. However, I do have pretty good reasons of not been able to give time here because there were things, people and experiences that needed my attention and time.

1.      Until 2013 end, I kept saying I want to learn a new language. Like many resolutions I have made in the past, I knew where this one was headed too. To be broken. But 2014 started and I enrolled for Spanish classes. Long way to go on this road but at least I made a start.

2.      My little sister, Zingy, got married this year. Before the wedding, time went by in shopping, planning and post wedding, missing her! Sigh..

3.      And so, my solo travel began finally. From cool climes of Manali to warm dusty roads of Gujarat and then to the lazy beaches of Goa. Just the beginning, I say.

Lip-smacking food, gorgeous scenery. I shall always be the one who travels for food.

4.      I ate, drank and basically made merry.

If all this kept me busy, I ain’t complaining at all. But yes, I do promise (an earnest one at that) that I shall write about these things more. I promise to bring you more stories from my travels, eat-outs and all the things that you would like to read about. There!

Let 2015 be - Travel. Eat. Read. Learn. Dance. Laugh. Write. Repeat. Wishing you all a very happy new year!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Sex and the City guide to men, life and more.

Now, I must confess something at the onset. I have been a huge fan of the sitcom Sex and the City and I secretly aspire to be India’s answer to Carrie Bradshaw (well, not so much of a secret anymore!).

Having established my allegiance towards the show, I can safely say of all the sitcoms dished out, SATC comes quite close to understanding women, voicing their latent fears and comprehending their wildest fantasies. It is like an institution of sisterhood or an unofficial holy book of sorts for single women across the world, holding true even after a decade it aired last.

Personally, I have evolved a lot with each season of the show, just like the characters did. Their struggles, stories, fights, flings and friendship, it was all-consuming. I was living with them, passively. I admire this show for its sheer honesty and guts. It puts it all upfront for all of us to see, a woman’s anxieties and her challenges. And you cannot help but believe in them.

I believe we all somewhere would identify, however partially, with either of the four lead women in the show, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte. We all carry one or some of the traits of these women. Watching it, you cannot help but relate to them in one way or other. There are things you could see Carrie doing wrong and you would want to advice her not to. Or, you would want to tell Charlotte to not be so gullible. Or, you would admire Samantha for her devil-may-care attitude. Or, you would wish Miranda was a little more receptive towards her own emotions.

So, when a show is bordering on such realism yet fantasy, it must have got some things we all could take help from and appreciate. Some of the things that SATC has taught me are akin to having a best friend around and let her explain life lessons to you when you need them.

1.     Men will come, men will go. Don’t sweat over the wrong ones because the right ones will ultimately find a way back to you. Case in point, Mr. Big (how much of an asshole he may have been to Carrie), Steve and Harry.

2.     Girlfriends as soulmates and boys as the ones you have fun with. It is really that simple to sort through your life’s all pains and heartbreaks.

3.     Dating is fun, dating is cool and dating is sexy. I almost want to go out on a fabulous date right now!

4.     You, your life, your choices first. Be it the choice to commit or back out in a relationship, to get pregnant, to sleep around or to put career first. These women stumble but then make their choices their way

5.     Sex, as noun or a verb, is not bad. It is as important or as essential as sleep, food or shelter. Just one of the things our body needs.

6.     Ditching girls’ night out to go on a date is so not cool. Oh yeah!  

7.     Age is ACTUALLY just a number. True it’s a sitcom and that too set in New York but hey, things are shaking up in India too. Well, for starters the one writing this is in her 30s, single and a wannabe Carrie!

8.     Spend on style but do save money. Because seriously, you don’t want to be that old woman who lived in her shoes.

One of the many things that Carrie says, this one comes right at the end of the season finale, almost like summing up the whole series:

'The most exciting, challenging and significant relationship of all is the one you have with yourself. And if you find someone to love the you you love, well, that's just fabulous.'

And I couldn’t help but wonder would you all agree with me here? J